Hector Rivera PictureRev. Hector D. Rivera

I was born in Puerto Rico in 1950 and moved to Rochester in 1970. I am maMusic Symbols Image


rried to Maria and we have 5 children (2 males, 3 females), 8 grandchildren and two great-children. Most of them live in the Rochester area.

I grew up in a devoted Catholic family. After being absent from the church for four (4) years, due to frequent travel for work and undergraduate studies -at the age of thirty-three (33)-, I felt the need to go back to church and congregate. This time, I went to

visit a Hispanic Pentecostal church.

I stayed in the Hispanic Pentecostal church for fifteen (15) years. There, I continued my spiritual growth and journey. After finishing all the denomination required courses- I was appointed a local pastor and later, ordained as a Minister. Later appointed as an Area Supervisor.
I also served in several committees at the District level, and taught a few courses in their Biblical Missionary Institute. The experience gained in this Pentecostal denomination persuaded me to continue a closer and intimate relationship with God, the Church and community.

In 2000, I married Maria. After a great deal of prayer and discussion among the family members and guided by the Holy Spirit, in 2005, I moved forward with my calling to the United Methodist Church.

During the five (5) years in Emmanuel UMC, I was actively involved in different areas of the ministry such as Evangelism and Missions Chair, and Finance Committee Chair. I was also a member of the SPRC and the church staff and Council. I was also a Bible study facilitator and a preacher as well.

At the Genesee Valley District level, I was an Equalization member to the Upper New York Annual Conference (2010 and 2011), completed the Lay Speaker Basic Training and attended the Informed to Transform workshops (2010 – 2014, 2017).

Through the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry of the United Methodist Church, I attended New Church Plant Bootcamp workshop (2008). I also completed my training program for lay-missioner and pastor-mentor teams, Immigration training program, and I finished my training program for facilitator for lay-missioner and pastor-mentor team (2009-2010).

My objective was to learn and get ready for my pastoral future. The time that I spent in Emmanuel was a blessing for my formation in the United Methodist Church.

In September 2011, I went and began the Hispanic/Latino Mission in Aldersgate UMC by scheduling the youth puppet and worship dance practices on Wednesdays and Bible studies on Fridays.

After nine (9) months of work, prayer and discernment, I felt that God was calling me to begin the Sunday Worship Services. On June 2012, I was appointed local pastor at Aldersgate UMC. About the same time the Sunday Worship Services in Spanish were added to the weekly program. Last year, we also started to do bilingual Services (Spanish-translated to English).

In 2015, I competed all the requirements of the Basic Course of Study. I am also in my second year of seminary at United Theological Seminary, which I expect to finish at the end of 2018.

As for my secular experience, I worked for forty two (42) years at Xerox in different capacities including Technical Specialist Project Manager and College Recruiter. As regard to my education, I earned a Master degree from Franklin University on Business Administration.